iVolunteer Perth Huron


About Us


As an online volunteer centre, the mission of I Volunteer Perth-Huron is to deliver positive and rewarding volunteer experiences for all volunteers and member organizations in Huron and Perth Counties, and to increase volunteerism in both counties by providing enhanced access to volunteer opportunities and innovative tools for attraction, engagement, retention and recognition of volunteers.


I Volunteer Perth Huron, as a centre for everything volunteer, is in a unique position to continually learn about the needs of the people and organizations in our communities, and to develop the kinds of strategic partnerships that will drive and inform the evolution of services and resources that we provide.

As a Volunteer Centre, even though online, I Volunteer Perth-Huron engages in activities and services that relate to these four core areas as defined by Volunteer Canada:


  1. promoting volunteerism and citizen engagement
  2. connecting people to opportunities
  3. building organizational capacity for volunteer engagement
  4. providing leadership and advocacy on issues related to volunteer engagement and volunteerism in general

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